Service detail
  • TBRC only accepts samples from which bacteria, yeasts or filamentous fungi need to be isolated according to the protocols and conditions stated in the service form.
  • TBRC does not accept sample of patient or diseased animal origins. Fresh mushrooms in the genera Agaricus and Boletus or samples that easily degenerate are not accepted as contamination with undesirable microorganisms usually occurs.
  • TBRC does not accept samples from overseas.
How to submit samples
Terms and conditions
Service fee
Method Microorganism Details Fee (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Isolation Bacteria and yeasts Swab test/Serial dilution 500 Baht/sample Not available
Total plate count 500 Baht/sample Not available
Filamentous fungi Direct isolation 1,000 Baht/sample Not available
Bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi Strain purification 300 Baht/isolate Not available
Preparation of isolated strain to send to customer Bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi Fresh culture 150 Baht/isolate/1 tube Not available
Liquid-dried ampoule 1,500 Baht/isolate/5 tubes
See Culture Preservation Service
Not available
Bank transfer   Paid by the customer Paid by the customer